Thinnest & Lightest iPhone battery-case with Magnetic & Wireless Charging.

Who hasn't had their phone run out of battery during the day? 
If you are an iPhone owner, you’ve probably experienced this frustrating feeling of being stuck with a dead iPhone. This is the problem that FITCAZE wants to solve.

"Typically, battery-cases are heavy, bulky, and just plain old lame. What about portable chargers?Carrying extra gear is not convenient at all. We have created a solution that's practical, innovative and just as powerful,all while maintaining comfort and visual appeal of a regular phone case," Brian Bergel CEO, FITCAZE. "I’m not the first one to come up with the idea of an improved battery-case, I’m just the first one to do it right."

FITCAZE has been designed to perfectly fit your iPhone to be a daily case first, battery case second. 
  • Ridiculously thin and light: 4.9mm & 70g added.
  • +80% Extra battery (2000mAh). 
  • Magnetic 
  • QI Wireless charging.
  • Lightning Connector
  • For iPhone & iPhone PLUS. 
  • Two new accessories, one base and one car mount. 

FITCAZE & ITS ACCESSORIES™  | The World's thinnest and lightest battery case with magnetic and wireless charging for iPhone.